Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scanlation Progress

I realize it's been a while, but I'd like to announce that LoQ's episodic reviews are officially on hiatus until further notice. On the other hand, all other functions on the site are coming back as of this week, namely, scanlations. I've had a difficult few weeks since school let out so I'm fairly behind for personal reasons, but I plan to get New Order done within the next month and start working on AO and translating the Niji novel.

Thanks for your patience, I hope to bring you good stuff ASAP!


  1. Hooray, you are sort of back ^.^...I've been kind of behind on everything too. Only managed to finished Ping Pong...everything else has been crammed into the backlog...

  2. A bit behind the E7NO release date any eta?

  3. can we get an update please? We haven't heard anything for a while.

    1. Ack, sorry about that everyone, I forgot to update LoQ together with Tumblr.

      Long story short, really busy summer, just got over surgery etc etc, finally getting back into things as of last week. Release is upcoming, there;s only a couple of pages left (the jargony ones).